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Calvary Temple Camp


Calvary Temple Church


Red Rock Lake, MB



Delivery Method:

Construction Management

Prime Consultant:

LM Architectural Group

Completion Date:

June 2016


Three Way Builders was the successful bidder on the new Calvary Temple Lodge at Red Rock Lake, MB. The project was initially a tendered job and then transitioned into a construction management job as part of the process of budget control. Three Way worked very closely with the consultant team and the owners to find cost savings and get the project delivered on time and on budget. TWB worked closely with the client and consultants to mitigate additional costs normally involved with building foundations in the Canadian Shield and road restrictions in spring. The new building includes a bunkhouse on the main floor and kitchen/cafeteria on the upper level. The water treatment equipment was also relocated to the partial basement to allow for easier maintenance. The building has an unbelievable view of shore and large windows facing out over the lake, and a climbing wall on the east face.